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MANASA is a non-profit voluntary organization working for the welfare and integration of intellectually challenged by implementing various programs for their development. It all started with the initiative of few responsible mothers who wanted to make a difference. Before 1990 there were very few special schools in Hyderabad for intellectually Challenged. The existing schools could not cater the needs of many Intellectually Challenged. The services to train an Intellectually Challenged child are very expensive and not within the reach of a common man
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The intellectually challenged are most innocent and inseparable part of our society. They cannot protect themselves and they cannot live independently. Hence there is a need for continuous programmes to give them basic education & life long protection. We appeal to all people to extend their generosity to MANASA.
It is a well known but little acknowledged fact that of all the humanity the worst hit are the mentally challenged because the intellectual impairment poses greater challenges than other disabilities. The lives of these people cannot be improved by making token monetary contribution or by mere lip sympathy.
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