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Construction of the Building

During December 2008 we have purchased a piece of land Measuring  8 Guntas ( 968 Sq.yards) for a nominal cost of Rs.774400/- from Govt. of A.P. at Survey No.135, Kothapet, Uppal, R.R.Dist. to construct a permanent  building for MANASA Special School.

Plan consisting Stilt + 4 Upper Floors was approved by  GHMC during JAN 2011.The details of the plan are:----

• Each floor measures 3230 Sq.ft.

• Provision for LIFT


• FIRE EQUIPMENT in each floor

• Total project cost 1.5 crores.

Floor wise activity:

Stilt Floor: --   Parking

1st    Floor: --   C.P.Unit with all therapies and vocational training unit

2nd   Floor: --   Day care center / Special school for I.C. and office   

3rd   Floor: --    Residential facility for I.C.

4th   Floor: --    Special Teachers training center, Vocational training center, Library.


Architects and Engineers

Chief Architect :--- Sri.S.Janaki Rama Murthy

Balaji Consultants

Architects, Env & Interior Designers,

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