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success stories

Beneficiary Name : S.Bala Raj S/O Karuna Babu

DOA : 30-08-01 at the age of 7 years

Family Details :

Father Occupation: Auto Driver

Mother Occupation: Housewife

Siblings: 02 Normal

Complaints at the time of admission :
Sensory Motor problems
  • The boy could see and hear but he was unable to talk
  • Cerebral Palsy (Hemiplegia Gait - left hand & left leg)
  • No self help skills, academic skills & toilet indications
  • Very poor eye hand co-ordination

Treatment & Training :

  • Physio therapy for left hand and left leg,stretching exercises
  • Training in self-help skills


  • The boy showed improvement in arranging puzzles, beads threading, identification of body parts & some fruits indication of toilet needs, pours water in the toilet with verbal prompts
  • Able to walk with little help & climbed arunachalam mountain
  • Identification of his belongings

Name : Janardhan

DOA: Feb 2004 at the age of 7 years

Family Details :

  • The Child's parents are with consanguinity & are illiterate
  • He has one younger sister(also a CP with MR)

Complaints at the time of admission :

  • It is a case of static cerebral palsy with mental retardation
  • Neither able to walk not able to stand
  • Speech problem
  • Total dependence on parents for all his daily activities

Treatment & training :

  • Gait training with parallel bars & walker for legs
  • Training in self help skills

Improvement :

  • With the cooperation of parents and their participation in social integration process along with intensive training by the professionals at the school, the boy has shown progress in the following areas
  • Developed communication skills & able to express his needs by using sounds & gestures
  • Identification if picture cards, matching colors, objects & shapes, money coins
  • Improvement in eye hand coordination, attention & concentration
  • Able to eat independently, indication of toilet needs
  • Involvement in group activities
  • Able to walk with the help of calipers & walker.
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